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Request for Correction of the Stormwater Management Fee

  1. A property owner may request correction of the fee by submitting the request in writing to the Utility within thirty (30) consecutive days after the date the assessment notice or the bill is mailed or issued to the property owner. Grounds for correction of the fee include:
    • Incorrect classification of the property for purposes of determining the fee;
    • Errors in the square footage of the impervious surface area of the property;
    • Mathematical errors in calculating the fee to be applied to the property; and
    • Errors in the identification of the property owner of a property subject to the fee.
  2. The Utility shall make a determination within sixty (60) consecutive days after receipt of the property owner’s completed written request for correction of the fee. The Utility’s decision on a request for correction of the fee shall be final.
  3. A property owner must comply with all rules and procedures adopted by the Utility when submitting a request for correction of the fee and must provide all information necessary for the Utility to make a determination on a request for correction of the fee. If a property owner allege an error under Article XII(a)(2), the request for correction must include certification by a registered engineer or professional land surveyor of the impervious surface area of the property. Failure to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be grounds for denial of the request.

Informal Appeals Procedure

This is an informal appeals process for adjusting the ERU for a business or home.

Appeals Form

This form can be printed off and sent to us if you would like us to review the amount of ERU’s that is listed for your business.