Stormwater Management Fee

A monthly service fee is imposed upon all real property in the City of Hopkinsville to fund stormwater management programs. This service fee shall be known as the Stormwater Management Fee (“Fee”). As of January 1, 2006 all real property located within the city limits of Hopkinsville, and any real property thereafter developed or added through annexation, shall be subject to a monthly service fee. The Fee is based on : (1) The extent to which runoff from each property creates the need for the stormwater management program; (2) the amount of impervious area on each property ; and (3) the cost of implementing a stormwater management program.

Classification of Property for Purposes of Determination of the Stormwater Management Fee

  1. For purposes of determining the Stormwater Management Fee, all properties in the City of Hopkinsville are classified into one of the following classes:
    • Single Family Residential (SFR) property;
    • Non-Single Family Residential (non-SFR); or
    • Non-Developed Property.
  2. Single Family Residential Fee. All single family residential properties in the City shall be charged a flat Stormwater Management Fee, equal to the base rate, as provided in the Base Rate.
  3. Other Developed Property Fee. The Fee for non-SFR property in the City of Hopkinsville shall be the base rate multiplied by the numerical factor obtained by dividing the total impervious area (square feet) of the property by the ERU. The impervious area for non-SFR property is the square footage for the buildings and other improvements on the property. At the sole discretion of the Utility, the impervious surface area of non-SFR property may be approximated through site examination, mapping information, aerial photographs, and other available information. The minimum Stormwater Management Fee for other developed property shall equal the base rate for single family residential property.

Base Rate

A monthly base rate for the Stormwater Management Fee is established for all single family residential property as one ERU. The base rate for all single family residential property which contains impervious surface area less than one half (1/2) of the ERU shall pay one half (1/2) of the established fee.

Schedule of Monthly Rates for Stormwater Management Fee

The following rates shall apply to each property. This schedule includes the rate for the Stormwater Utility Fees.

Rate Category /Single Family Residential

Rate per Month $ 3.00

Rate Category /Non-Single Family Residential

$ 3.00 multiplied by the numerical factor obtained by dividing the total impervious area (square feet) of the property by one Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU).

ERU Data for Businesses

This list contains the ERU information for businesses in Hopkinsville. The list is in alphabetical order by address.